Gourmet Pizza

There’s Nothing Funny About Gourmet Pizza

Let’s face it, most pizza is eaten in a way that is, shall we say, unconscious. It’s fun food, a family, friends, and get together food. But pizza can also appeal to our higher sensibilities as well, and no- you do not have to go to an overpriced, 5-star establishment to have it.


Here at Pizzamoreh, we offer a selection of artisan, gourmet pizzas. Try our traditional pizza with the usual. There’s our Canadian classic with pizza pesto, 3 cheese medley, bacon, chicken, red peppers, caramelized onions, and olives. Or, turn up the class with the OKANAGAN CLASSIC with pizza pesto, 3 cheese medley, ham, and okanagan pears.



And the gourmet options don’t stop there. Try our GLENROSA GOATEE with pesto, pepperonata, roasted garlic, goat cheese, mushrooms, kalamata olive.


Just don’t tell us that pizza can’t be gourmet.