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Special Shawarma Kit

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Serves 4  Middle Eastern Flavour Explosions.  This super popular kit includes everything you need for a great nibbly dinner for 4.  Add a Tiramisu for flavour contrast and rev up your senses.  Crunchy Bulgar Salad with fresh cucumber and peppers and a lemony garlic dressing, Greek Tzatziki Yogurt dip, Mamamoreh's smooth and creamy Hummus, Marinated Chicken (cooked already) and Pizzamore'H Pitas.  Just heat the chicken up and you are ready to go.  Yummy new flavours will be your fave soon too!

How to Cook In Oven

Put Pizzamoreh Steel in the oven and set temperature to 450-500 degrees and cook for 4-7 mins

How to Cook in the BBQ

Turn the BBQ on to High wait till hot and place pizza on a Pizzamoreh Steel or right on the grates for 4-7 mins.