Thin Crust Pizza

Trying to Get Back in Those Drainpipe Jeans? Try Thin Crust Pizza

You’re trying to be sensible about your diet, but what are you going to do- there’s pizza in the world and it needs to be eaten! Well, there’s no need to load up on the equivalent of half a loaf of bread every time you enjoy a few slices of pizza.


That’s just part of the idea behind thin crust pizza. What’s more, thin crust is much more historically accurate- if you’re concerned about that sort of thing. But the advantages of thin crust don’t stop there. With less breading, you’ll get a better appreciation for our in-house cooking and our ultra-fresh ingredients. You won’t find buckets of mail-order sauce in our back room.


So order for delivery or come see us at Pizzamore. We can’t promise you’ll get back into your drainpipes, but we do promise great pizza.